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The St. Laurane IELTS Institute is a prestigious and well-known international educational institution that focuses on providing expert tutoring and preparing students for the IELTS test.

We are a credible learning center with your best interest at heart. Our dedication is solely for the success of our candidates in their IELTS examination.

Our Advantages

Scheduled LIVE Classes


We mean it when we say that we are dedicated for your best interest. Our tutors provide one-on-one scheduled LIVE classes at your convenient time, for you!

Unlimited Practice Tests


As our candidate, you will have access to a wide array of resources to help you practice and perfect your English skills. IELTS demonstrations are available too.

Pre-recorded Videos


Our tutors have put together many, many pre-recorded videos for you – just to help you understand the principles of the IELTS exam and how to pass like a pro!

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Get Your IELTS Certificate Today!

In most countries where English is the main language, you’ll need evidence of English language skills to apply for jobs and university courses.

Your IELTS test results will also help you meet your immigration requirements. All immigration authorities that require an English language test will accept IELTS.

Further, proving your English language skills with an IELTS test can help you get a better job or a promotion in your home country.

96% of our candidates pass the IELTS Exam

The secret to our high success rate is in the way that we prepare our candidates. Our carefully prepared coursework, combined with a flexible study-plan will help you score a high band. Our complete course makes is easy for you to practice all the 4 modules in a comprehensive and understandable manner. If you wish to enroll to only select modules, that's fine. Simply pick the module(s) that you feel less prepared for, and stick to those.